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stock quantities dont change


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Stock levels don't decrease after customers order is placed after upgrade to 6.2.0-b1.
settings are "when payment has been made"
also stock levels don't change when changing quantities on the product page as well.
did through the maintenence panel a repair of product inventory but it did not find anything.
Please help!

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Also, pay very careful attention to a new indicator at the upper-right corner of the admin screens. If "Clear Cache" is lit, then there have been changes made to the database records. So, in an effort to minimize re-caching everything over and over and over, we now ask the admin to clear the cache when finished with the administration session and are ready to log out.

As of CC620, the cache gets cleared on demand, as opposed to earlier versions of CubeCart that cleared the cache for every saved change.

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Well I run 6.2.0 and just sold something that I originally had a stock level of 4.   NO gold cache button.  I was setting up an account for the customer and noticed that my admin shows 3 in stock which is correct since I sold one BUT the store website says I still have 4 in stock! Went back to admin and clicked the gray cache button and it changed to 3 in stock.  Are we going to have to remember to click the cache button everytime we get an order? What if we are away from the computer when the order is placed and someone places another order for the entire wrong amount of stock?

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