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Claudia M

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Use to be when you used FireFox web developer tools it would tell you exactly where, what sheet, what line, that style you were looking for was. Now you get something like 0873f.Style sheet name. then a long number. How are you suppose to find the style your were looking for? Thanks in advance, Me

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if you are using CubeCart 6.2 and foundation theme, put the new min feature into debug mode.


{combine input=$css_input output='cache/css.{$SKIN_FOLDER}.css' age='604800' debug=false}


{combine input=$css_input output='cache/css.{$SKIN_FOLDER}.css' age='604800' debug=true}

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So I just add the line {combine input=$css_input output='cache/css.{$SKIN_FOLDER}.css' age='604800' debug=true}  below {combine input=$css_input output='cache/css.{$SKIN_FOLDER}.css' age='604800' debug=false} ? Can I keep it there forever or do I need to delete it when I'm done editing?

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One of the major points to the CC62 series is to "optimize" the loading of the page -- more to the point, reduce the amount of time between page request and displaying that page in the browser.

This optimization involves squeezing the files, wringing out all unnecessary white space, changing color codes of #AABBCC to #ABC, changing false to !1, concatenating all CSS files into one file, concatenating all javascript files into one file, and a myriad of other tricks.

This is the default behavior.

During the configuration of the store and loading up of products, categories, documents, etc, tweaking the skin layout, etc., we recommend switching off caching and enabling debug mode.

That said, I would wish that the debug parameter discussed above reflect the CubeCart debug mode instead of this being a separate adjustment.

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