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HTTP error 500 when logging in as customer


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Every time I try to login as a customer to test my site, it gives me either a blank page (in Safari) or a HTTP error 500 (in Chrome) when I enter my credentials.

Any idea on why this might be? Or how to fix?

It might be worth mentioning that I am running 6.1.12, not sure if upgrading will fix the issue.

Any and all help is very much appreciated. Thanks.

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The error_log must have been building up for a long time.

I suggest you rename the file as it sits in your CubeCart folder, such as error_log_1, and allow PHP to start writing to a new error_log file. When you next get a 500 error blank screen, examine the contents of that new error_log file.

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We are only interested in Fatal Errors.

There is this:
Call to a member function setError() on a non-object in /classes/user.class.php on line 244

Just above that is:
Undefined index: gui

This code has not been changed since CC6112, so there may not be anything wrong with it.

But, something is calling this User class function to log in without first setting up the GUI to show the fact that the login was blocked.

(BTW: you have 5 attempts to get it right, else you are blocked from any further attempts for 10 minutes from the last attempt.)

So, the ZenDesk livehelp module could very well not be compatible with the CubeCart 6.1 series and later).

However, this:
Undefined index: rDf3v in /includes/extra/snippet_a3f035c0da659e41fdfeb6375151166f.php
is very suspicious.

In admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippets tab, examine the list for any snippet you did not authorize or install yourself.

Using a text editor, examine that file. Do not post the contents here. All we need to know is if the code is readable.

Using an external database utility, such as phpMyAdmin, look in the database table CubeCart_code_snippet. Report any snippet that has incomplete information.

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