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Old site upgraded to 6.2.0 - unable to change skin

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6.2.0 has a way to temporarily stop ALL plugins and snippets from running - a Safe Mode. It means going to your global.inc, changing your permissions and changing the Safe Mode setting from false to true. Then run your site again. Once you've changed your settings appropriately - change Safe Mode back to false and the permissions back to strict.

Hopefully that will give you what you need.

BTW, if I remember correctly, the Safe Mode setting was Bsmither's suggestion in GitHub.

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CC620 has implemented a "Clear Cache on Demand". It is represented by a lit indicator at the upper right of all admin screens.

Instead of the cache clearing for every save by the admin (and rebuilding), now the admin will make all changes wanted, then clear the cache once. (It saves pounding the database server.)

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Safe Mode is an emergency bypass. It is suppose to allow you to disable a mis-behaving snippet or plugin by not allowing any snippet or plugin to run.

Leaving safe mode set to true will cause all your plugins to not have any effect.

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