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Email: Order confirmation not arriving

Beagle Bytes

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I receive an admin alert  email when I logon, and also when I press the " test" button in advanced settings ( despite getting the message "Test failed to execute")   - but am not receiving anything when I place an order. ( Which makes selling digital downloads difficult!) I've checked the spam folder.

Everything was fine until I updated and accidentally deleted the admin file. ( Yes, I'm a numpty)

To rectify , I've tried  unistalling and re-installing and deleteing all of the cc entries in the database - three times now to no avail.


Could any of you please help point me in the right direction ?


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Hi @bsmither,

just CC Security Suite, with Send email alert on untrusted login  ticked  and Only allow trusted IP addresses to login *  left unticked.

The log suggests that the email has been sent - but is not appearing at the destination.

I have it set as PhP Mail Function, the SMTP test fails to load.

Is it likely that it is being treated as spam and rejected before appearing  at the final destination ?






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Several points to explore:

"Testing SMTP-SSL. Test failed to execute. (No errors.)" even when you actually get the test message. This suggests that, for some reason, your hosting account's PHP is not using output buffering. Please consult with your hosting provider to determine if output buffering is enabled. The Mailer is functioning correctly, but there is no output buffer to capture the conversation between the Mailer and the SMTP server you have specified to use.

"This content failed to load." This is an error message displayed by the javascript code that displays the response (using a plugin called a "Colorbox") from an AJAX request. The test function makes an AJAX request from your browser to CubeCart. CubeCart then executes the test email code and sends back the result -- either an error message or the SMTP conversation. In this case, there is nothing being returned. The Colorbox javascript then shows a default message that suggests the response it was waiting for did not arrive (or arrived after a timeout).

Let's see if there are any clues in the PHP error_log.

So, we have covered the Test emailings.

The customer's emails are another matter. One problem that has happened many times before is when the store sends an email from its domain to an address on the same domain.

All of this does not explain why things all of a sudden stopped working. Re-installing (even with a new databse) should (probably) not cause this.


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