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incorrect price, cannot figure out.


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We had an order on the cart where a product has the wrong price.

It should be £4.15, but the customer has been charged £3.75, and I can't quite figure out why or how.

There are no discounts applied, the price is correct in the cart, taxes are correct etc.

If I place an order, it comes out at £4.15.


I can sort of explain where the £3.75 came from, but not why this product was accepted by the cart at £3.75.


This is a newish product. When the product was created it was cloned from it's sister part.

We used to sell it in red at £3.75, then earlier this year we introduced it in yellow but also increased the price to £4.15.

This introduction and price change happened in January.

It is a part in it own right and not a product option.


Any thought's................. I don't mind how wild an idea it is.

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Logging in as the customer, the prices do show as £3.75 and not £4.15.

It seems that he's a member of an old experimental customer group, however, I'm not aware that this group had any discounts.

To be honest, I'd forgotten that the group even existed.

I recall that the group was set up about 2 years ago when orange closed a number of email domains.

Any ideas how these prices might have come about ?


I'm also surprised that it's taken this long to come to light.



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Customer Groups (CG) do not get global "discounts". CGs have their own distinct price schedule per product.

View that product's Edit Product admin screen. On the Pricing tab, note that there may be a drop-down selector just under the page title "Pricing". That drop-down will show all CGs assigned to this product.

When a product's CG matches a logged-in Customer who is also a member of that CG, the appropriate price schedule is put in play.

How the price schedule on this product came about? Just wild, wild guesses: this product was a clone of another product that was intentionally given this price schedule, sub-admin did it without telling you, your store got hacked, etc.

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I removed the prices from the table Cubecart_pricing_group and removed the customer group.

Considering it used to be £3.75, I doubt it was hacked, and as for the clone product, this is definately feasible, as I quite often clone products when they are similar.

I  recall about 2 years ago when Orange closed a number of tld's, using PHP admin, and identified all the Orange customers adding them to a group.

The intention being, that we could later identify the ones who had not updated thier email address or returned.

I would have also done this en mass as an export, modify, import to save time.

I wouldn't have given these customers any special prices though.


Every year, we have a major pricing restructure and a number of new lines added.

The boss having OCD wants all this to happen on New Years day, so I get around this by working on an exact mirror image of the site for about 10 weeks prior.

Then on New Years Day, I copy over the inventory and options tables of the database.


Still none the wiser how these cutomers got the old prices though. (there were about 1800 entries in the Datbase table)



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