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My first attempt at custom colours in Foundation - help!

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I've created a child theme from Foundation. So far I've changed the background colour.

Rather then change colourts in foundation.css , can I specify other font colours in cubecart.default.css?

Can anyone help with how to best change the following text colours:

Latest Products (on home page)

Product Title (on product pages)

Product Description (on product pages)

Link to site  (for general idea of what I'm doing)



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The actual folder structure of any skin is dependent on how the main.php template is coded. So, when comparing Kurouto to Foundation, you will see some differences in the folder structure, but that is not a concern because the links in the <head> section matches.

What you need to do to make a sub-theme (child) is to enhance Foundation's config.xml file by copying the style node.

The existing style node is named 'default', but this is simply a name, not having any semantic meaning.

To have a sub-theme named 'red', create the style node in config.xml and give "red" as the value to the appropriate nodes. Create the folder /red/. Put specific versions of images in here. Create the file cubecart.red.css. Put specific CSS rules in here.

Use these CSS selectors--

Latest Products: #content_latest_products { ... }
Product Title: h1[itemprop=name] { ... }
Product Description: #product_info { ... }

If Product Title does not have an itemprop meta attribute, this alternate selector may work:
Product Title: #main_content h1{ ... } /* selects all <h1> tags in main_content block */

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That KB article describes a process of creating an entirely separate skin, albeit a clone of an existing skin. Technically, this is not a child or a sub-theme.

Being a separate, uniquely-named skin, yes, you can modify that skin's existing CSS files without fear of affecting any other skin.

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