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Page refresh when browser resized


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I was wondering if anyone knows of some code that can be added to "Refresh" the page or the main menu anytime the web browser is resized on a desktop. I don't need this to happen when the site is being viewed on a mobile or tablet, only for the desktop view.

Basically, I have a problem with a menu layout that doesn't resize it's self correctly when the web browser is resized manually.

Any Suggestions?

Regards Gary


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Cheers Al and Noodleman,

Found this that looks like it would do https://www.sitepoint.com/jquery-refresh-page-browser-resize/


//refresh page on browser resize
$(window).bind('resize', function(e)
  if (window.RT) clearTimeout(window.RT);
  window.RT = setTimeout(function()
    this.location.reload(false); /* false to get page from cache */
  }, 200);


However, not sure where to paste in

Noodleman like your idea of using hidden div's to control the desktop layout only 🙂

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