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Issue with shopping cart not checking out properly


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I have just had a query from a customer asking about a recaptcha issue which I think I have fixed by selecting Invisible Recaptcha. Doing this I was able to process a sale. But when I finished with paypal and selected the option to go back to the website, I got the following warning - image attached - and noticed that the item was still in my cart, appearing not to have been purchased/sale completed.  I have had a couple of people query this with me, but I do get the order and the $$ in paypal, so I haven't taken much notice - I probably should have.

I had an initial issue when my store was upgraded in that it wasn't set up properly with paypal (the upgrade was done by cubecart and seemed to be rectified by them also, months later when I flagged it with them ).  Can anyone shed some light on this issue?  Is there a reason why the transaction does not go through to "Complete" status on the user end when coming back to my site from Paypal? 

I am NOT good with anything technical, but if I have very specific instructions I can usually figure it out.  If it's not too complicated :).

Thanks in advance.


cubecart (2).png

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I am using :

Cubecart - 6.1.7

Paypal Standard Payment Gateway  - v1.0.8


I have a skin that I purchased, and not being very savvy, I am reluctant to update anything.  I have had critical issues with this since I updated from a version 4 last year, and literally the income from my site would not cover the support fees.  

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There are three separate parts to a standard PayPal transaction: the customer goes to PayPal, PayPal sends a notice to the store for which CubeCart verifies, and the customer comes back to the store (optional).

When the customer comes back to the store (optional), Cubecart has already moved the order to Processing (or kept it at Pending if PayPal says the transaction failed).

(Please do not confuse "having completed the transaction" with CubeCart's order status of "Completed" - admin has shipped the product.)

CubeCart 6.1.7 has a syntax error in /classes/sanitize.class.php (use your hosting account's control panel tool "File Manager" to view the contents of this file, if curious). Plus, the situation where CSRF Security Alert pops up has (most likely) been fixed. (I say "most likely" because I don't have a PayPal account to test it. Even so, there would be more complaints if it wasn't fixed.)

So, what I recommend is that you manually upgrade your site to CC621. If that does not sound appealing to you, then I would recommend at least that you download CC621 to your computer, extract the package, and replace your existing /classes/sanitize.class.php with the newer version.

(The forums indicate you are a Premium Member, and as such, should have some sort of support plan in place.)

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Thank you.  I think I am capable of placing that -  /classes/sanitize.class.php.  What is this fixing though, exactly?  Obviously, I am not great with this stuff.

I do not think I have any support at all - unless I pay.  I purchased the cart in 2010 and it was always fine and I think I used about 1 support ticket in 7 years.  I feel like these things pop up more often than I'd like now.

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You might want to send an email to CubeCart HQ and verify if you have a support plan. Those with support plans (supposedly) are indicated in the forums with a blue "Premium Member" tag on their name.

What has been fixed?

Front end CSRF requires call and process exception for payment gateway data

CSRF token regeneration on each page load damages usability

Admin login with SSL enabled but standard http protocol fails


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