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Non-Taxable Products (Labor Operations)


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We sell products and services. In Colorado, labor is non-taxable. I have had no problem setting up the taxes for Colorado, but I need specific products (labor operations) to be non-taxable. I tried setting up the Zero Rate  Tax Class to be 0.00%, but the products I select this rate with still show the Standard Rates. I am assuming that cc doesn't like the 0%. Anyone have suggestions on how to make this work? I have also tried checking the Tax Included box, but that didn't seem to make any changes. Screenshots included. Thanks!



Retail Price
Sale Price
Cost Price
Tax ClassPlease Select …Standard RateZero Rate
Tax IncludedDisable
Minimum Quantity Purchase

Tax Rules

Status Tax Classes Tax Details Country State Subtotal Shipping Tax Rate  
Disable Standard Rate RTD Tax United States Colorado Disable Enable  %  
Disable Standard Rate Colorado Tax United States Colorado Disable Enable  %  
Disable Zero Rate Labor: Non-Taxable United States All Regions Disable Disable  %  
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To start / test, I have only been manipulating one product until I can get it to work properly. As to the customer groups, the only group that I have created are for employees where I have a category to access benefits information. Not using that for real products / customers, though.

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check if your test customer is a member of any groups, if so you probably need to assign the right tax class to that customer group at the product level. Each customer group has it's own pricing/tax class definition at the product level. it's usually the issue. :)

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if your tech savvy you may want to think about a module or code snippit to sync the tax rules between groups, unless the intention is different tax per group.  It's something I setup for most customers of the EU VAT module because everybody always remembers to change the retail price/tax, but never the other groups. 

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When my site grows up a bit more I might do that to open it up a bit more for my dealers, but for now, I only use the groups for the employees. Thanks again!

However, I must be having a "moment" because I can't find where the group is affected by the tax rules. All I am seeing under Taxes is naming the tax type, applying it to subtotal/shipping/or both, and the rate. I don't see a way to modify the current Group, and if I add another, it only gives me a box to name it and give it a description.

Nevermind! I found it... A total blonde moment. <sigh>.... Have a great day!

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