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how to change the php code to work on product page?

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    $handle = fopen('https://www.example.com/', 'r');
    $content = '';
        $content .= fread($handle, 8080);
    echo $content;

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Would you be willing to have the browser bring it in either as an iframe, or as an ajax request?

An iframe will need to have a header issued by CubeCart be removed ("SAMEORIGIN"), and the page being requested undoubtedly is a complete web document, well suited to be in an iframe.

An ajax request may need to be processed to crop away all that is not in the <body> tags.

The product's description is databased and is a value of the product's details array. Once you have the description in the array held in memory, you can add more to it, or replace a {PLACEHOLDER} with $content.

CubeCart also has hooks that can be used to modify details like this without making changes to the code.

I think a hook is the best way to go, but be sure that your hosting provider has set PHP's ' allow_url_fopen ' to enabled.

You might also think to use PHP's 'file_get_contents'.

There is also CubeCart's Request class which is specifically built to get stuff from off-site.

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Your details above suggest that the incoming data is static. Meaning, you will not be wanting to include any info in the request to specify a particular response.

Is this correct?

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