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Multiple Ship From Locations


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Does anyone know of an addon that will allow me to ship a product from multiple locations and calculate shipping based on that location? 

I have a widget and the widget is warehoused in Ohio and in California. The customer who lives in Indiana could select the one in Ohio if it were in stock. I also would want to show the inventories of those individual locations and those locations could have different prices as well. 

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I'm not aware of anything like this existing today, however I can probably build you something that would do what you want. What shipping modules do you use today?

Essentially you need the shipping module (or modules) to be selected by some custom criteria. 

1) Is the product or products they are buying in stock at the nearest warehouse?

2) What are the costs for delivery from the nearest warehouse

3) Ship remainder of goods from alternate warehouse if it's a split order

Sounds like a fun thing to build. 

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We are using the standard USPS, UPS and FEDEX modules.

1.) They should be in stock, but it could be they are not for a short resupply window.

2.) Delivery cost should be calculated based on the zip code of shipping warehouse. Ohio to Indiana is less shipping cost based on weight then the same weight and items from California.

3.) Ship remainder from the location that has the remaining amount. So if they need 10 and Ohio has 4 then 6 would need to come from California and would need to have two shipping costs or at least force the order to the warehouse that can fill the entire order.

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In thinking about this I think this should be the design is any has any feedback it would be appreciated.

Admin Side

1.) Create warehouse table and maintenance. Warehouse name, address, city , state, zip code, phone number.

2.) Modify item maintenance to allow for a default warehouse selection and ability to select multiple warehouses. Warehouse / Item X-ref table.

3.) Modify item table and maintenance to add hazmat flag. Create Hazmat shipping source link. ie, Here Hazmat of certain types must ship UPS or FEDEX.


User side,

1.) Item display page should include a line that shows the warehouse number(s) that the item is located and city and state so they can see the nearest one and inventory.

2.) Items in cart should be sorted by warehouse and item number.

3.) Shipping drop down should be under each warehouse to they can select the shipping based on the modules installed and then added to a grand total at the bottom. But should only show valid ones if the hazmat flag is on for any of the items for that warehouse.

4.) Grand total is passed to payment module as one final price.

5.) You should be able to view/filter orders in the order inquiry page by warehouse.


I think that covers it.

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