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Customer Side Post Login Redirect To Homepage


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Hi all... cutting my teeth on cubecart but like it so far.

When anyone logs into their account from the login page (site.com/index.php?_a=login)  in on the customer/client side, they are redirected to the "Your Account" (site.com/index.php?_a=account) page.   This has proven to be a problem because customers are complaining they wanted to return to the page they were just on or others that if they wanted to see their profile they would have gone to their profile.

Long/Short of it:

Where do I go to change where the customer/client are redirected after they logged in?  Example, I log in and end up back at the landing page.

Thanks for any help... I am sure I am missing something simple in the files but am seriously frustrated at this point.

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Welcome reneerd! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

CubeCart 6.2.1 (CC621) will either send the just logged in visitor to their Account page or to the View Cart page if there are any items in the shopping basket.

CC621 prepares everything necessary to bounce the visitor to the immediate page prior to viewing the Login page, but needs a trigger to fire.

CubeCart has "hooks" we can use to implement this trigger.

Building a hook is easy. Ask any questions you may have , then let us know when you are ready.

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Thanks smither... Yeah I tend to find the best answers for anything come from the community.  Easier to dial in your issues to someone elses.

Okay I have seen the article about creating a hook so I should be able to piece together the rudiments of it. Thanks.

However, is there a template or post that has some of the coding that would do this?  Just to give you a parameter, I am not a ground up coder. If I have something in front of me I can beat it up to make it do what I want with some custom stuff I added as well.

I am not looking to get anyone to do this for me I swear :) I am just hoping there is a basic template you might now of.  Did a quick search but if there is a template for it its getting lost in the "log in"  portion of search term returns

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When entering the data into the Code Snippet admin page, use the following:

Hook to use:

PHP Code:
if ($GLOBALS['session']->has('back')) {$redir = $GLOBALS['session']->get('back');}


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Hi and thanks again Smither!

Okay once I figured out there was a code snippet section, it was a snap (WAAAAAY overthought it originally).

So for the quasi-noobs like me out there I am going to detail what I did with the details you provided.  Hopefully it helps someone in the future :)


To return the customer to the previous page after login do the following:

  • Log into admin side
  • On left sidebar go down to "Manage Hooks"
  • Go to the "Code Snippet" tab
  • Click "Add Snippet"
  • Check enable
  • Give a name you will recognize (EX: Login Return)
  • Determine what order you want this to execute (I put 1)
  • Under trigger dropdown find  and left click class.cubecart.login
  • Copy and paste this code into the php code box:
    if ($GLOBALS['session']->has('back')) {$redir = $GLOBALS['session']->get('back');}
  • Hit save and say THANK YOU SMITHER!
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