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Should I require customer to register

Claudia M

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Right now I do not require customers to register.  I just looked at my customer list and it seems to be about half and half.  Most, not all, of the items I sell are vintage one of a kind items. I use PayPal and PayPal Pro only for payment options. I wanted to put a link in the header for the customer to be able to lookup their order, but they have to be registered to do this don't they? I guess I could put an explanation that this is only available for registered customers.

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I do not see many differences. The few I note are:

Order history (Account pages) not available
(Early versions of CC) Can only make one order (email exists problem)
Prices always hidden (if set that way)
Can assign to a Group, but might not be applied

I find no actual significant difference. Maybe a plugin would provide that difference(s).

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