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All in one shipping


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Hi All,

I have a situation where the products that are being sold have tax included and when the order is taken cubecart works out the tax amount correctly and places this amount into tax field on the order however the shipping that is being used also has tax included in the shipping rates, if the check box in the all in one shipping setup asks if tax is included is checked then the tax is removed from the shipping rate price which is OK but the tax that was removed from the shipping price is not reflected in the total tax field.

for example in Australia

the item has a unit price of $7.00 which includes our GST Tax of 0.64 so the unit price becomes $6.36 which is displayed on the order and the GST Tax field shows 0.64 however

there is a shipping cost of $12.95 which includes GST Tax $1.18 which is subtracted from the $12.95 giving a shipping cost of $11.77 however the $1.18 tax is not added to the total tax which should be 0.64 plus $1.17 giving $1.81. which would give an order the value of $19.94, but the order has a final value of $18.77.

As far as Australian tax rules are the tax that is being charged for shipping and the tax that is being charged on the product must be declared, am I missing something in the setup for the all in one shipping module and if so could somebody please point me in the right direction to try and fix this

Thankyou for any help it will be very appreciated

best regards,


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I use the all in one shipping, but my taxes are not included.

As a test,  I added an item to my basket and included shipping.

I then quickly switched the checkbox on 'AIO', to say shipping tax included.

When i went back to my basket, the price of the shipping had come down, but then also the cart total did.

So it seems that whilst the checkbox is indeed doing what it should, the results are not reflected in the tax section of the cart total.



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HI Keat,

             Thankyou very much for testing this and it is nice to know that I'm not going around the twist. Do you know whether there is a fix for this as it is causing some incorrect accounting and therefore the client is a bit upset and needs it to be corrected.

Your help is appreciated and hopefully it can be resolved

Best Regards,


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