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Cannot update the home page document


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Hello all, new to the forum but I've been using Cubecart for a couple of years.  Albeit very lightly.  I'm hoping that someone can help me with a problem I'm having.   I have a small hobby store and nothing much changes so I do very few updates. a while back I went on vacation so I put a notice on the home page telling visitors that I would be away until a certain date.  All was well, the page updated fine,  I left.

When I returned I went back and deleted the vacation text.  Should be the end of it.  Wrong!

Now the home page still displays the vacation text and I have tried everything I can do to delete it but no mater what, it just will not go away.  I have deleted almost everything from the home page document but nothing changes.  It displays the text along with one of the photos in the bx-wrapper <div>.  I had also added a photo but that was deleted when I got back and it no longer shows.  Just the text in the bx-wrapper division of the homepage.  I have even deleted all the text on the homepage document but it still displays after I save and upload it.

I sure could use a little advice here.  Anyone out there have any idea what I can do.  If I just knew where the raw file is stored, I could edit or delete it and start over.  I have the text I want, I just cannot get the store to accept it.  I'm using Cubecart v6.2.1.

Thank you to anyone that can point me in the right direction.


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Welcome N5HQ! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

The Homepage document is stored in the database. However, even trying to change things there, what actually shows may not change.

That is because query results are cached.

So, when you bring the Homepage document back up for editing, are the latest changes reflected in the editor? If so, then the new data is in the database as the admin does not use content from the cache.

For CC621, after any change is made to any content that could be in a cacheable database query, CubeCart will illuminate a "Clear Cache" button at the upper right of he admin screens. When finished with your current administrative activities, clear the cache. Check to see if the changes show on the storefront.

If still nothing changes, then the next suspect is a very over-aggressive caching mechanism that the hosting provider may have installed on the server that affects your site.

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Thank you very much for your time.  I went back and tried again.  This time I tried editing the file in the default WYSIWYG mode as well as opening the source code and removing the content there.  That is how I added it in the first place.  I saved it and went to the board and it was still there.  I came back and tried again and the code had not changed in the admin panel so it seems that cubecart is not or cannot change the code.  I'm at a loss as to what to do now.  I have full access to the server so I can do most anything needed.  I'm with A2Hosting and they will assist me with almost anything except debugging my code.

I never did see the clear the cache button you spoke about.  So it looks like it is not being saved at all.  I wonder if some file does not have write permission.  That would be very strange because I created the text in the first place then later added the text I'm now trying to remove.  I'm just very frustrated and I REALLY appreciate any help I can get.



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If you are, in fact, using CC621, then there will be the Clear Cache button just underneath the "Welcome back admin name" in the header on the right, next to the life-buoy Help and "Storefront - Open".

If that button is not there, then you might not be running CC621. But that really makes no difference. All versions of CubeCart have never had any problems saving product description content. (Unless... see below.)

"I came back and tried again and the code had not changed in the admin panel."

Ok, then the new contents did not get recorded in the database. (None of this involves writing a file. So, no permission problems.)

Next question: When clicking the Save button, does CubeCart send the next page with a blue banner "Product successfully updated."?

In admin, view the Error Log, System Error Log tab. See if there is anything of interest logged there.

May we see your site?

Consult your host to determine if your form is POSTing content that is triggering some sort of "mod_security" rule.

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Here is the information on what I'm running:

Technical Details
CubeCart Version
PHP Version (5.6 Recommended)
MySQL Version
Image folder size
8.36 MB
Download folder size
9.44 KB
Max. Upload filesize
Browser user-agent
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:61.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/61.0
Server Software

And I have not seen the clear cache button so I'm thinking that nothing is getting changed.

>>  Next question: When clicking the Save button, does CubeCart send the next page with a blue banner "Product successfully updated."?

No, I do not see any message.  It only refreshes the page after I click Save.

>>  May we see your site?

Of course:  it's uber-bling.com

You'll see in the photo scroll, the third photo has the text in it and I cannot remove it.  I removed all the other text and photos when I got back but didn't notice that last piece until today.  My bad.

I'm in the process of converting it to a secure site so Chrome users will not be scared away and I think I have it all working but the welcome page.  Since I cannot edit that, I cannot fix anything there.  Really all I have done is turned on Cloudflare and that enables https:.  Do you suppose that could have anything to do with it?

I'm about ready to call it a night, it's midnight here.  I'll check back tomorrow.  Thanks again for the help.  Have a great weekend.


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I know nothing, really, of Cloudflare. But it wouldn't (shouldn't) affect POSTing by a document named "admin_aBcDeF.php". Nor caching and delivering that cached document of a page that isn't "index.php".

In fact, every page request returns a different Featured Product (which is actually a random pick from the inventory). So over-aggressive caching may not be the issue.

View the file/folder contents of the main folder of your CubeCart site. How many folders start with admin? How many files start with admin?

And talk with your host about that "mod_security". And look in the Error Log in admin.

And, as you surmised, you can use an external database utility, such as phpMyAdmin, to manually change the contents of the Homepage document. Look in the CubeCart_documents table.

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Thanks again for the help.  In my troubleshooting last night I deleted quite a bit of the code for the welcome page on my store trying to effect an update.  Well it turns out that I deleted too much.  Per your suggestion I logged into my CPanel and viewed the database and sure enough the data has changed there.  I then called A2Hosting and spoke with them.  They suggested that Cubecart must have some way to disable caching.  Under Setting, Store Settings, Advanced I found  " Enable Caching " and it was enabled.  I disabled it and then the store updated to my broken code that I had messed up last night.  I really need to learn to quit when I'm tired.  I have no backup of that page so I'm trying to remember what was there.

Anyway, A2Hosting has a feature called Server Rewind that will let me revert to a date certain.  Unfortunately it is broken right now and I started a trouble ticket to get it repaired.  Should be done by this evening and hopefully I will be able to restore to what it was before I messed it up.  At that point I should be able to remove the code I wanted to in the first place.

Once all that is done I can turn Caching back on but that doesn't answer the question, Why?  Why all of a sudden can I not edit my store without all of the hassle?  I never had to do anything like that before when I was building the store and when I went on vacation.  Just after I came back did it start doing these strange things, or more correctly, not doing anything.

You spoke of the Product Updated Message after I save the changes.  Well I don't get that unless I save it twice, then I get a message telling me what was updated.  I have yet to see the clear the cache button you spoke about.  Is there an option somewhere I need to turn on for that?

Once again, thank you so much for your patience and help.


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Well, I don't see the Clear Cache button.  They must have left it out of my copy.  ;-}

In the Root folder there is:

FOLDERS:  admin  &  admin_xxxxxx  {Not Showing Letters for Security)

FILES:  admin.php  &  admin_xxxxxx.php  {Not Showing Letters for Security)



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Please check the contents of the file /includes/global.inc.php. The values for the adminFile and adminFolder must match the file and folder names on CubeCart's main folder.

Please check the timestamps on the folder /admin/ and the folder /admin_xXxXxX/. You will want to use the one that has the latest timestamp.

That said, there is no obstacle to using /admin/ and admin.php as names, provided their contents are actually CC621 versions, and these names match global.inc.php.

Try editing the global.inc.php file so that the names match the admin_xXxXxX versions, and use www.uber-bling.com/admin_xXxXxX.php as the way into the administration.

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Okay, /includes/global.inc.php verifies, the file and folder names admin_xXxXxX match.  Folder /admin_xXxXxX/ timestamp is 10/4/2017, file /admin_xXxXxX.php timestamp is 3/20/2017.  Folder /admin/ timestamp is 6/21/2018, file /admin.php timestamp is 7/2/2018. I'm using admin_xXxXxX.php to administer the store.



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Ok, then lets try this: edit the globals.inc.php so that the adminFolder value is /admin_aBcDeF/ and adminFile is admin_aBcDeF.php. (aBcDeF is just something different than xXxXxX.)

Rename /admin/ (which has the latest timestamp) to /admin_aBcDeF/ and admin.php (which has the latest timestamp) to admin_aBcDeF.php.

Start using admin_aBcDeF.php as your entryway to the administration.

Although not necessary, we will keep /admin_xXxXxX/ for a short while.

Also, CC621 has new contents in the admin.js file but has the same name. You need to force your browser to re-fetch a fresh copy. This is usually done with CTRL-F5.


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Yes, now I have the Clear Cache button and updates are effective.  First thing when I logged into the admin page it warned me that I had Caching on and to turn it off.  I did that then edited the page and cleared the cache and the update took.  Now I'm waiting tor A2Hosting to repair their Server Rewind function so I can restore the welcome page.  Waiting on that I will design something so the store doesn't look so weird.  I assume that I should now delete the old /admin_xXxXxX folder and admin_aAbBcC.php or should I leave them?

Thank you so very much for your help.


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