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List ALL products link - is this possible?

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I've been asked to add a link that will list every product on the site, descending from date added. Is this possible

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My first thought would be to create a sitemap, then add a Document with an external target which points to the sitemap.


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Thanks, that seems to work.

Now if only I could get "Your Search Returned X amount of Products"...

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Initially, we are at /classes/cubecart.class.php, in the private function _category() where the call to search the catalogue is made. This statement:

$GLOBALS['catalogue']->setCategory('cat_name', sprintf($GLOBALS['language']->catalogue['notify_product_search'], $_REQUEST['search']['keywords']));

gives us the Products found matching 'words' phrase.

We can execute a similar statement immediately after the above with what we want to display.

Immediately after that statement, add:

$GLOBALS['catalogue']->setCategory('cat_name', "Your Search Returned ".$Catalogue->_category_count." Products.");

But here is another problem-- this '_category_count' property of Catalogue is private. Catalogue includes this value as a parameter when making calls to other places, but other places cannot ask Catalogue for this value. Not without a specific function of Catalogue to answer such requests. (Note: there is the Category public function getCategoryData(), but this function first loads '_category_data' with fresh data from the database category table. This is not what we want. This function should maybe actually be called loadCategoryData().)

We will need to use a function of Catalogue, while we are in Catalogue, to incorporate the '_category_count' into a variable that we can later ask for outside Catalogue.

In the Catalogue class file, public function searchCatalogue(), starting at the bottom of the function, look for:

$this->_category_count  = (int)count($count);

There will be three instances of this statement. On a new blank line after each occurance, add:

$this->setCategory('category_count', $this->_category_count);

Next, we now need the function to allow an outside place to ask for this value.

In the Catalogue class file:


//=====[ Private ]=======================================

On a new blank line just ABOVE it, add:

	 * Get category property
	 * @param string $id
	 * @return mixed
	public function getCategory($id) {
		return $this->_categoryData[$id];

Finally, we now have a good statement to add in the CubeCart class file -- the first edit made:

$GLOBALS['catalogue']->setCategory('cat_name', "Your Search Returned ".$GLOBALS['catalogue']->getCategory('category_count')." Products.");


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Would a plugin be able to do this?

Or perhaps make it an option in future versions of Cubecart?

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