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New caching method introduced in V6.2.0

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CubeCart V6.2.0 introduced a new caching method which was highlighted in the version release posting by Al but this is not seen by many people and a lot of questions are being caused by people not seeing or understanding this - so this post will be pinned in the hope that more will see it - the text from Al's original post was :

This release has a clear cache on demand tool which significantly optimises the caching system and lowers server load. This means that inventory or configuration changes made in the admin control panel will not be reflected on the front end of the store until the "Clear Cache" button is clicked. This can be found at the top right hand side of every page of the admin control panel. We very much appreciate that this may be seen as an unwelcome new feature but the technical significance is worthy. Unless you have a critical change to make we suggest clearing the cache habitually at the end of each admin session. If the cache is not cleared it may take up to 24 hours for your changes to show.  

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