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Can I pay people a commission for sales?

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Hi all,

Thank you in advance for any and all help.

Is there a way I can have people sell my products using my cubecart 6.2.2 website and at the end on the week / month I can see how much they sold?

My goal is to either set a commission rate or manually pay them a bonus or commission...



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There is a plugin that will email a courtesy note to each manufacturer detailing the items they are responsible for FOB shipping. It can be easily adapted to send the emails direct to you which you can sort. The emails are sent when the order is made, however.

Otherwise, an exportable report can be written to do this.

Both solutions require that each item be assigned to a "manufacturer".

Neither solution allows for independent management of the items sourced from these manufacturers.

I have not experimented with any of the affiliate trackers seen here.

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