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Quick Question about selling digital

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Hello there,

Great software, I'm new to it and I was wondering how it handles digital items, after the buyer makes the transaction does it send the item to the buyer's email, or does it create a download link ?


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Welcome Sycho! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

After the successful transaction, CubeCart places a link in the customer's "Downloads" page of their Account section. However, "guest' customers (those who did not create a customer account) do not have an Account section.

In addition, CubeCart also sends a link in an email to the customer.

CubeCart also can expire a digital download by time (from 30 minutes to never), or by count (x-number or unlimited) -- on a global approach. That is, it is not possible to limit ProdA to 6 downloads while ProdB has 10 downloads.

The availability of the download is immediate, although there are some customizations that will delay the appearance and emailed delivery of the link until the admin "approves" the sale (for whatever reason).

CubeCart also allows the admin to reset any limits and to resend the email containing the download link.


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That was very informative, thank you very much for your answer

With that said, Can I prevent guests from buying products, make it so that they have to register to be able to


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