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Importing products

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Can anyone show how its possible to get a blank template so that produts can be added to Cubecart 6 .2.2 in a spreadheet using either CSV or semi colon?

If export is used the file is always in HTML

 example as below  but still  even with this no heading template 

 TRIUMPH 6 Silencer - Muffler 71-3062 TRIUMPH TR5T-ADVENTURER "Silencer - Muffler TRIUMPH TR5T ADVENTURER UK Made , Part No.71-3062" https://www.britishmcparts.com/silencers-fittings/triumph/silencer-muffler-71-3062-triumph-tr5t-adventurer.html https://www.britishmcparts.com/images/cache/7_TJ_Wassel/Exhaust_pipes-Silencers/71-3062-TRIUMPH-TR5T-ADVENTURER-SILENCER.500.png new in stock 130.00 4 kg 0.00 T J Wassell 71-3062 Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories >


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When you go to Export Catalogue do you see a table with Export Format, Cubecart; Download Parts, 1 (or more (1, 2 etc.) depending how many products); Export URL, Link to URL.

Have you clicked the number below Download Parts to get the file to download? This should have headers in it. Though even if I click on the URL link this also shows headers for me.

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I find opening a CSV with 'excell' or 'open office calc' makes them easier to view.

I've never perfomed an import using this method, so I'm not qualified to comment fully, but things to bear in mind I guess:

1. Each product would need to be allocated a category, categories will just appear as numbers in your CSV, so unless you know what each one corresponds to, it's going to be a difficult task assigning the correct category. And the category must exist.

2. You'd need to upload the images seperately.

3. The descriptions may need to contain HTML.


How many products are you importing, it might just be easier to do them with the GUI.


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