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Will H

Canadian Taxes - CHARTED for YOU

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Hello All;


I am posting these screen captures as I have just finished setting up tax rates for my Canadian E-commerce store. Based on my understanding I have this all set correctly. I am posting so I can be double-checked, but more importantly, help those who haven't figured it out yet as I find Canadian Taxes very confusing to setup. Feedback is very welcome.

I truly hope this helps someone out there.

P.S Current Canadian Legislation states that a "Small Supplier" (retail sales under $30,000 anualy; or in any consecutive 4qtr period) * DO NOT* have to register for GST/ or Collect GST.

Theoretically this gives a small business a small advantage of saving the client 5% out of pocket, until the business is forced to register/collect. Just thought I would mention this.



Update: Not quite perfected yet. I believe the Tax Class should be set to Standard (or Tax Exempt). Then you can take advantage of applying "standard tax" to all items, and go back and remove if you have any exempt.

Trying again....




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