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CKEditor v5 Upgrade

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Hi Everyone,

I was just playing around with the CKEditor in CC6 and I stumbled upon https://ckeditor.com

My question is... How do I manually upgrade to the new v5 build?




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After reviewing the difference between CKEditor 4 versus CKEditor 5, personally, I would advise not to do it.

First, it's not a drop-in replacement library. Installing it is different and coding the HTML to use it is different.

Second, there have been two or three customizations to the configuration of the v4 editor that are (or seem to be) incompatible with the v5 editor, and mapping those customizations to make v5 behave the same way needs to be studied.

Third, they say that content already created by v4 will probably (if not absolutely) be incompatible with v5. I have not read of any "V4 content will be auto converted to V5" statements.

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