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Product Options issues

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Hi there, This is my first post to this forum after setting up CubeCart yesterday.

I am having an issue with assigning option groups.

Our site will be selling scarves (amongst other things) and I am trying to set 2 options for the scarves.

Several colours  and two size.  My problem is that not all colours are available in both sizes.

I cannot seem to have the list of colours change when a selection of size is made.  All colours "remain" available which is the problem.

I have foolishly(?) assumed the options matrix resolves this issue but I can't find a solution in forum searching. 

Do I have to just have 2 different sets of scarves (one large size and one regular size) with their own colour choices?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.


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Welcome Asunto! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

The Options Matrix Table allows for a distinct stock level for each option combination. When the customer attempts to add such a combination to their shopping basket, CubeCart will report back that that combination is out of stock. (Make sure that "Use Stock Level" is checked.)

CubeCart is not coded to recreate the displayed lists of other options based on any one of the options changing. That is, if Red is chosen, then Size, Material, Scent, etc. is not recreated with unavailable combinations removed.

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Thanks for the welcome Bsmither and the really prompt reply. 

I suspected this was case after spending several frustrating hours trying to work around it.

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