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Images limit

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Is there a limit on the number of images you can have in a folder? 

I have upload an images catalogue of 19,513 images and I'm getting the following error. If I delete most of them it starts to work.

I get this error when I go into images then into the folder that I created called prod_img. Largest file size is 7.72mb

HTTP 500 error

That’s odd… the website can’t display this page

The site may be undergoing maintenance or could have a programming error.


Any ideas?


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Please be aware that the CubeCart programmers feel that there is a sensible limit to the file size of a web-appropriate image: 350KiB. Any image that is a filesize larger than that is not "web-appropriate".

Then, when in admin, to add/edit a product or category, one of the first things done is to fetch (via AJAX) a list of available images for the Image tab's File Picker. CubeCart's efforts to note the directory's contents (initially the /images/source/ folder) may take longer than the time limit PHP is allowed to run.

Please give some consideration to keeping only a reasonable number of images in a directory - maybe just a few hundred. Sort and segregate images into sub-folders - perhaps by manufacturer or product type/category.

CubeCart will want to create derivative images (kept in /images/cache/) sized for the associated location on the web page. As such, the image will be "opened" to effect the resizing. Image files are compressed, and when opened, the uncompressed image will consume actual memory. PHP is given only so much memory to run in. Large image files will crash PHP having had all available memory exhausted.

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Thanks for the info again.

I have 753 images over 350kb. this could be a long night.

I am importing the images that come straight from a ZIP file on to the server then extracting it, they are not categorized.

When I import the product catalogue, it automatically links the image based on the image name.

The import file does not have a path, will this automatically find the file in any of the image folders that I create and split them into? or will all images need to be in the root image folder?

Just trying to sort out before I import the whole product database.

Thanks for your help.



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Will the importer find any image file in any of the folders if you first sort them and divvy them up into sub-folders by hand?

I'm thinking no.

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