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Does anyone know where  I can change the size of the font for the 'welcome' title ? Also, the font(s) for Featured, Best Sellers, Latest Products, etc. These fonts are way too large, and detract from the rest of the page(s) when viewed. Also, where can the colors be changed for the 'Your Shopping Basket' (the fields for what is in the basket, the weight, shipping method, etc.)?  I have been searching the CSS files in the  foundation and in the skin I am using, and so far have not found anything. I am using cubecart 6.2.2. and a custom skin.

Thank  you for your time and consideration

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The homepage's "Welcome" document title is a <h1> header.

We recommend customizations be made in the cubecart.default.css file. CSS rules in this file are loaded last and thus take precedence.

You will find Foundation's <hx> header styling in foundation.css, at lines 3510-3526 for default and 3680-3696 for medium and large width screen sizes. The font sizes are expressed as rem units - a scale factor based on the master font size. Foundation does not impose a master font size - allowing the browser user to set their preferred font size in the browser's settings panel. The titles of the side boxes are <h3> headers. Latest Products is an <h2> header.

Your custom skin may have set a master font size, or may have set fixed font sizes for the <hx> headers.

To help in your customizations, perhaps we can explore a tutorial in how to use your browser's Developer Tools. (I use the Firefox browser. I suspect Chrome has similar tools.)

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The "Your Shopping Basket" table, and nearly all Foundation tables, CSS rules can be found in foundation.css beginning near line 5075.

You can customize just this table by creating your own rules that copy the existing table rules, but they then begin with #checkout_form table.

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