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URGENT - Integration with Royal Mail


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For customers like us using Royal Mail, we have serious problems ahead as Royal Mail now wants all customs forms outside the EU electronically as from 1st January 2019 !  see https://www.royalmail.com/business/services/sending/international-data/more-information

If we don't, it will cause delays and the US for instance is saying that they will start charging fees to our customers once the bill is passed. Brazil and Russia have already stated that they will not accept any parcels as of this date is the customs form is not digital .... (https://www.royalmail.com/business/services/sending/international-data/more-information)

There is no integration available right now and Al tells me it is rather complex so will not develop one.

Royal Mail is pushing for Click and Collect but even then you need to be able to import your orders into Royal Mail's website as an excel or cvs file. At the moment Cubecart cannot do that either .....

Someone else earlier this year was asking the same question but apparently only a V5 was available, see 

Can I please ask all developers to re-think this one, it is critical right now for all Royal Mail customers like us.

Thank you

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I'm curious, would the payment gateway(s) a shopping site uses, be able to output a CSV? Then you could take that CSV to your RM business account, and from there l guess the customs forms would be a doddle, especially if you can have the HS codes as part of the CSV (added manually).


Just speculating - l've only done the electronic customs form manually ...

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I use a work around, Bsmither made me an extension to output a sales report, which I used with another piece of software "Onestop Order Processing" to print labels, it's still a bit of a hatchet job as OSOP hasn't supported Cubecart since v4.

You could in theory bypass the need for onestop if you were savy enough to modify the extension, to output the correct csv, the real fun and games is importing the data back in. If we could import a "confirmation file" with tracking ID's I'd be soo happy.

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