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Recaptcha not working

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I'm admin on a client's store.  It's running 6.2.2, although its past has been patchy (as it was difficult to get it to upgrade, ended up doing a manual upgrade to 6.2.2 and IIRC there are still times when attempting to revert to vanilla 6.2.2 will 500 the server, even though there are no altered files AFAIK).  However, I'm pretty sure things are still a bit of a mess as there are some inconsistencies when people describe things in the admin panel, but TBH I spent a couple of hours trying to sort them out in the past and got nowhere.  I'd rather kill it all with fire and start again, but then that would be days/weeks of work to get it all set up again, and I'd not see a penny for it.


Recaptcha isn't working.  I've got the (AFAIK correct) settings - site key and secret set in the back end, set for an appropriate domain via https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin 

The site simply displays 'Veryify you are a human', and the source for that looks like this:

</fieldset><fieldset id="recaptcha-title"><legend>Verify you are a human</legend><script type="text/javascript">
   var RecaptchaOptions = {
      theme : 'clean'

Turning recaptcha off in the back end works OK, but obviously that's not a good solution.  I know that the skin I'm using (Galaxy 3.5) is out of date, but I get the same if I change to Vanilla.  I've seen some threads on this which have said either to update the recaptcha settings (done), or that the skin is the issue (which it may be, but I think vanilla is the 6.2.2, so therefore should work?).

The source code looks to be wrong to me - any ideas?

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Vanilla 1.0.3 (originally for CC5) is coded to be compatible with the latest reCaptcha methods incorporated for CC6. The code posted above is not from Vanilla 1.0.3.

The best info I have is that Galaxy X is at v1.8 (April 2017).

Send me a PM and I will help you get Galaxy X coded for the latest reCaptcha methods.

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Thanks for the reply - notifications from this forum are going in my spam, hence the late reply from me....  I've PM-ed you.

Strongly considering just deleting the entire shop, and setting up from scratch as I'm convinced there are old files/config lying around that are messing things up - the site has never worked properly AFAIK, and I spend much more time on it fixing things than I feel comfortable charging for.

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