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Will H

PayPal Pro v1.21 + CC 6.22 Ready to go live - then blank screen

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I had my store paypal integration setup, verified working (under sandbox) and also verified live credentials (via test endpoint) were ready to go. I believe Paypal has had 2 recent versions in the last 3 months, so I updated -

I am about to launch my site live, and when performing my due diligence tonight, my live credentials entered, I tried to make a test purchase - when I reach Step 3 (Payment) flow, it no longer transfers me to paypal, and stays on my website with a blank white page (normally Paypal interface would load here).


I am completely lost as to where to go from here. I removed the extension and reinstalled 1.21, I re-entered my credentials for Sandbox, and tested Endpoint again and it does indicate communicaiton is working, but no transfers to PayPal occurs.


I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Incidentally; I checked the Error log - only messages about PHP mailer are present. (but mail worked on last attempts-)


Thanks In advance!


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I think I have resolved this issue on my own.


After double-checking I found the [ Priority ] Setting was still blank, despite having set to 1 previously. I must not have saved the setting.

Secondly, I was also receiving the Security Header is not valid (once the Paypal button returned) -- My credentials were in fact wrong. BAH!.

I hope this post helps others who might make the same silly mistakes I have.

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