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Option Groups. Display order.

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Our site sells cycling clothing. One item, a "skinsuit", requires two prices to be selected; one for the top part and one for the bottom part.( In fact the range of sizes for the top and bottom parts are identical). I created two Options Groups called "A Men Skinsuit Top Sizes" and "B Men Skinsuit Bottom Sizes" both with the same attributes and with descriptions "A Top Size" and "B Bottom Size" respectively. I then produced two Option Sets similarly named and used these to add Top and Bottom  attributes to the product. No matter which Option Set I add first, the B Men Skinsuit Bottom Sizes always appear first in the Product Options list, and when the product is displayed the B Bottom Size drop-down always appears above the A Top Size one. I would like Top to appear above Bottom. (N.B. I added the As and Bs to the names in case alphabetical order was significant somewhere).

How can I resolve this?

Many thanks.


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A short look at the code suggests that the listing order of the Option Groups table may be the controlling factor.

How are these Option Groups listed? Is there a black and blue two-headed arrow in the first column of this table (the "Arrange' column)?

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