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Product page image margin padding

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Hello and thank you for your attention. (CC 6.2.2 Foundation) The crumb is Home/Archive by Year/2000/January 2000 and on that page is an image of the Book cover (product) as it should be, however the left margin/padding of that image needs to be controlled and I can't find it. I would prefer it to be flush left like the Description copy, so zero margin/padding.

Thank you.

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CubeCart allows for multiple images to be assigned to a product. One of those is the primary image and will be as a large size on the View Product page. The other images are grouped as small images and placed as a stack (default 'vertical_gallery') along the left side of the main image, or as a row(s) ('horizontal_gallery') along the bottom side of the main image.

Looking in the template element.product.vertical_gallery.php, we find in that row that there are three <div> blocks that make up a total of 12 columns:

What you can do is:
* Edit the template content.product.php to use the horizontal_gallery template, or
* Move the <div medium-1> block to after the <div medium-6> block, or
* If you will never have extra images, delete the <div medium-1> block and change medium-6 to medium-7.

You will need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache after making changes to the templates.

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