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How to enlarge small arrow on subcategory link - Minimaliser skin

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I'm using the minimaliser skin (blue) and on the category links I have "shirts" with dropdown links.


I figured out to increase the font size but I can't figure out how to enlarge the small down-pointing arrow. I'd even be happy just changing it's color to something more noticeable, especially on a mobile device. There the arrow is so small and flush right it's barely visible.



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This uses a technique I have not studied:

.top-bar-section .has-dropdown > a::after {
  border: inset 5px;
  border-top-style: solid;

This rule can be found in /blue/navigation.css (lines 464 and 304) several places, as well as in foundation.css several places.

Because /blue/navigation.css is loaded last, these rules have priority.

But, if you edit the main.php template such that cubecart.blue.css is loaded last, you can put the above rule in it.

Or put the above rule as the very last rule in /blue/navigation.css.

The 5px regulates the size. The color is a semi-transparent white with showing some of the background color through it.

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