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So, today I experienced the same issue I had a few weeks ago - I wasn't able to connect to the forums.

The prior time, I blamed it on supposed maintenance downtime. But today as well?

It happened at a local watering hole where there is free wi-fi. There is a captive portal where you have to agree to ToS, etc, etc.

I was always able to get to the forums using this free service prior to Mar 1, give or take.

This time, I ran a traceroute and the results showed I could get to the server hosting these forums. But, from watching WireShark, I saw that all SYN packets were immediately answered with RST,ACK packets.

So, was there a server configuration change that closes the connection on some rule that does not like captive portal middle-man packets?

It is strange that, at the watering hole, I was trying to connect to, but back in my office, I am connecting to a different IP address (belonging to Cloudflare). Could it be that the DNS server used by the watering hole has not been updated?

(Getting to Google, Github, works - albeit a bit slowly.)

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