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New install help with nginx rewrite

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I'm looking at moving our old opencart store to CubeCart v6.
The current new web server uses nginx, and i'm only used to using Apache previously.

Although the store has successfully installed and is working, none of the links are accessible

the store is located in a sub directory /shop eg. mystore.com/shop

If i try and goto the about-us page @ mystore.com/shop/about-us.html, I get Error 404
However, if i manually amend the URL to  mystore.com/shop/index.php?seo_path=about-us, it works great.

This is the same for any link, be it products, categories or terms and conditions etc.

So, how can i get nginx to add index.php?seo_path= and strip the .html from all requests please?

Also, are there any other recommended nginx directives I should add for correct cubecart functionality?

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Welcome bobbymagee! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

As I understand it, nginx does understand Apache-style directives in the .htaccess file. However, the web server needs to be configured to use the URL Rewrite capability. For Apache, this is via enabling the mod_rewrite module. For nginx, there will be a similar enabling config setting. For Apache, there is also a configuration setting that allows that web server to be controlled by directives found in an .htaccess file (Override). For nginx, there could be something similar.

The 404's are because the rewrite directives in the .htaccess file are not being executed.

This is assuming that CubeCart has an .htaccess file with rewrite directives in its main folder.

(Nginx is a web server I am not very familiar with.)

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nginx has no apache htaccess that's why I was asking if you have any recommended nginx directives to use instead?

Does anyone here successfully run CubeCart on an nginx platform?

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