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My Latest Store ...

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Congratulations on your latest store. The mini cart is a little hard to find on mobile as it's within the navigate button at the top. Could be rectified with an added to cart notification or floated basket or similar technique. Hope your new website goes well.

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I now have a link that shows when there are items in the basket, and highlights when items are in the basket.

I think its ok, but will look at it again, I'm using the same skin for anther website - just need to change a few colours, a little layout a few images and I'm there.

Thanks to Cubecart for providing a consistant base and templating system.


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Yeah that seems better on mobile now - you get some form of acknowledgement that something happened when you add to cart, especially with the scroll to top on the button click, good luck with the site!

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Nice but the colour scheme is a bit clashy. The green should be dark, and preferably blue or black or something, but whatever it is, it needs to be darker, especially seeing as it has lots of bright logos in the foreground.

The idyllic scene photo needs to be higher resolution too, and perhaps more relevant e.g. show somebody cycling on the bridge.

Also the turquoise background needs to be darker and preferably a dark blue or black.

Also the font needs to be larger so that people can actually read the iems in the side menus and their pricing. Just saying! All the best though, seriously.


Oh and in fact, make the idyllic scene way way way smaller, and vertically narrower, so that it's more like a banner, because otherwise, people will not see a bike on the first screenload, you know?

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