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Stores Name nd address in footer


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Hi All,

         I have been trying to get the stores name and address to appear in the footer of an etrend skin and haven't had any success. I'm pretty sure that it should be a main.php modification but when I try to put in the $STORE variables I don't get any result so what am I doing wrong. It's almost like the variables that I'm trying use don't exist, what do I have to do to make these variables available for the use of showing the stores postal address as defined it the store setup.

Any Help is always appreciated.

Best Regards,


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Nearly all the information found in admin, Store Settings is in the $CONFIG variable.

You will be wanting $CONFIG.store_name, .store_address, and .store_postcode. Not readily available is the .store_zone (expressed as a numerical value).

There is, also, $COPYRIGHT, which you can put whatever you want in that (see admin, Store Settings, Copyright tab).

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