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Simple Image Gallery Not So Simple For Me! Help - Please :-(

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Hello All, I have finally gotten around to trying to figure out why my Simple Image Gallery CC6 Plugin isn't working properly. I have attempted contacting the programmer but have not been able to get a response. It used to work but now it doesn't. 

Problem: Click on the Gallery Icon in the Side Panels it just takes me to the homepage.

When I try to create a new album I get this...screen shots...

1st I click the Add Gallery Album but get the error page. I reinstalled the program but still get same issue.

Any help is appreciated.



Cubecart Image2.jpg

Cubecart Image1.jpg

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A 503 Service Unavailable error means that a website that is being called by the plugin (probably doing some sort of call home to log who is using the plugin although havent looked at the code) and is failing because the server isnt available or is overloaded - nothing at all you can do about.

Many people have also had problems recently getting responses from the developer in question

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If the plugin was making an external call, the 503 wouldn't be getting sent to the user's browser. PHP would deal with it, or ignore it, or crash from it.

It would be interesting to troubleshoot this.

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