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Google and Bing search issues

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I've recently noticed that my store has completely disappeared from Google searches, where I had previously held the top spot in the search 'License Plates for Sale'.  I've initiated a Google recrawl to show up within their search engine.  I've noticed that I am now starting to show up in a search of Plate Depot (my store name); however, it fails to connect to the store properly.  If I type the url in manually either as https://www.platedepot.com  or https://www.platedepot.com/index.php, both will connect to the store, but clicking the link from Google or Bing (where I haven't disappeared from their searches) will show this error.  Is there a setting in the store I need to change?


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Disappearing completely from the index generally means a manual penalty for some violation (which you can check in your Search Console) or some major problem with Google indexing for site for an extended period of time (a site down even for a few days doesnt cause many / any problems).

A redirect issue as you are seeing can be due to quite a few different reasons : problems with the way that CubeCart is configured (check your SSL tab in your Store Settings) ; problems with redirects added to your .htaccess files ; problems with the server configuration - difficult to say what the cause is without looking at your configuration in more detail


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