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Hi, I have noticed that the featured product box in foundation seldom appears (www.preserving-football-history.net). I know this is randomly chosen from whichever products are tagged as 'featured' but it does not seem to work reliably. I have over 10000 products and only perhaps about 100 tagged as featured. Anyone knows why ?




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CubeCart queries for featured-enabled products (you said 100 tagged), and in stock (does not apply to logged-in admins). Then one is chosen at random and checks to make sure its primary category is enabled. It chooses from those tagged 15 times until the check succeeds. Technically, the random choice could choose the same product multiple times, but practically that's rare.

For the box to not show, CubeCart tried 15 times and each random product chosen from the tagged set did not have its primary category enabled.

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