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Hi everybody,

when someone orders a product on my website, I receive an email with this object: "Mail failure - rejected by local scanning code"; and this text: "A message that you sent was rejected by the local scanning code that  checks incoming messages on this system. The following error was given: 'Relaying not permitted'.

Apparently no notification email is being sent correctly.

Any suggestion?
Thank you

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Someone with more experience at running email servers will shortly offer some advice.

It seems that it is your ISP (the "this system") has a spam filter inspecting arriving emails and is rejecting emails that seem to come from your hosting provider (as indicated by an IP address, maybe??) but the From address could be your domain name. This is just a guess. And the difficulty may be caused by your ISP or personal email provider.

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The problem is the one described here:

but I really don't know what to do. Email routing is set to remote, I was in touch with both hosting assistance (namecheap) and email manager assistance (zoho) but everything seems to be set proprerly.
Something really strange is that if I retype the password in Store settings->Advanced and execute the email test it works, but if I try a second time after saving it doesn't.

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After entering the password and clicking Test, and you get a successful result, can you execute the test immediately a second time (prior to saving) and still get a successful result?

If so, then after saving and viewing this page again, use the browser's Developer Tools to view the contents of the SMTP Username and SMTP Password fields. (In Firefox, right-click on the password field text entry box and select Inspect Element.) Does the value shown here match what you originally entered?

Have any of your customers reported not getting their emails?

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