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About stopping fake customer registrations from IP 31.184.238.X

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I've been getting fake customer registrations from a Russian IP address starting with 31.184.238.X. I have google recapture enabled and has blacklisted the first two ip addresses that first registered using and with Cubecart Security Suite. Is there a way to stop any IP starting with 31.184.238.X from accessing the website? Thanks.

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That would be the new ini-custom.inc.php file in CubeCart's main folder.

The new lines are after the existing opening first line -- having first made this file as explained in the other conversation.



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The simple solution is to block that C class from accessing your account - then again, we block every single Russian (and Chinese, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and a few others !) IP address from accessing our network so our clients dont have this issue 

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In CubeCart's main folder. That would be /public_html/ if CubeCart is not in a sub-directory.

CubeCart will automatically find and use the code in ini-custom.inc.php. It is not part of a skin.

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On 7/12/2019 at 9:49 PM, bsmither said:

but to also catch that IP address, you can make this change:

// Add this new line
// Is a hit if IP address starts with...
if( strpos($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'],"31.184.238") === 0 ) exit;


@Ferguson230 a much better solution is to block the class C in your .htaccess file rather than via CubeCart 

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5 hours ago, keat said:

Blocking the IP is fruitless. Its a bot, so it's IP will change frequently.

Block 31.184.xx.xx today, it will be back in a week with a different IP.

It is not a perfect solution but it quickly stops abuse happening right now from that IP range - blocking individual IP addresses can seem pointless but even then it has it's place. A much better solution is blocking them on the edge before it even gets to the server using complex hardware based firewall rules which is what we implement for our customers and while this cuts down on 99% of abuse - even that isnt 100% foolproof

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Its a never ending battle that we just can't win.

I have a number of countries blocked at firewall level, some of which we would never have any dealings with. Russia and most of the eastern block countries for instance.

The IP's that Furgesson lists, potentially originates from Russia or Ukrane.

However, some countries we just can't block as we do business there.


Today, I recieved another one of those explicit emails sent via the contact form. Re-Capture probably circumvented)

Scouring my apache logs, it seems it originated from France, I can't block France as we do business there.

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