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Strategy for shipping in letters or parcels

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Hi there,

I have different kind of items and shipping mode must be based on thickness and weight.

The fact is that:

  • thin items can be shipped as letters in bubble enveloppes,
  • larger ones in small parcels
  • and the biggest ones in standard parcels.

I was initially planning using the "All In One Shipping" extension, but I cannot see a way to fix a maximal item thickness.
So, I wonder if the "Per category" shipping extension would be more suitable in this situation and if it would work if items in the cart belong to different categories.

I'm in a small country and there is currently no extension of the dedicated to the national postal service.
I have developer skills, so that I could possibly adapt some national postal extension to my country.

Another question I have relates to efficient ways to manage dimensions and weight for shipping purposes.

For instance if I send a 90 g / 10 mm thick item, a letter allowing 100g / 20 mm is only suitable on the paper.
But if the item is fragile, the weight and thickness of packaging, foam and documents would suggest another type of packaging.

A priori, I would like to store the exact dimensions and weight of products.
I wonder if there is an extension that let me store the allowed dimensions and weight of letters and parcels and reserve some weight and space for packaging and documents.
Or if I should simply set enveloppes and parcels with smaller size and weight than allowed.

Thank your for your suggestions.

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There is nothing available for CubeCart that calculates shipping based on these criteria and calculating based on size is incredibly complicated (more than one of an items, a mix of items of different sizes etc) so you would be much better off using the AIOS module in a more generic way to approximately cover your shipping costs (you might win on some and lose a little onĀ others) or build shipping costs into the product prices and offer "free" shipping


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Hi Ian,

I agree, the "All In One Shipping" extension is the good option in my case.
By setting minimal and maximal weight (of content) for each shipping option and limits on items prices, one can have a reasonably accurate preselection of shippping options.
I also added some details about the characteristics of each shipping mode in the Terms & Conditions.


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