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I don't remember how I did it, but would like to undo it FOUND

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At some point I figured out how to get the browser tab for a test site to show the commit number it is on (so I could easily tell which one I was on at that moment). Well, it still has that old commit number showing on the tab that is no longer accurate. I THOUGHT I had changed a Language phrase or maybe a meta tag to make it do that, but a search of the test phpMyAdmin does not show that it is there. This is a ticky silly little problem, so I won't "die" if I can't fix it. But if anyone can tell me what I did, so I can change it - I would appreciate it.

Well, turns out I was correct - it was the meta data of the homepage document. I had tried changing that, but I must have forgotten to refresh CC or the browser - thought I had done both.

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Hi Dirty Butter,

I had similar issue after migrating a site.

I cannot remember exactly where was the string stored, but I would first look at the content of the "skins/<templates-set>/config.xml" file.
Where <templates-set> is usually the "foundation" templates set.

If you're using Windows, you can use a tool like grepWin to figure out where the fault string is stored.

Also, don't forget to clear CubeCart's caches in "ADVANCED > Maintenance".





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Thanks, Julien! I think the problem was not emptying cache from Maintenance, as well as the cache button at the top of any admin screen. Whatever it was, it finally cleared and showed properly.

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