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Manually inserted option attributes were deleted. Why?

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I cannot figure out what happened to some additional option attributes that I inserted manually using phpMyAdmin, and which seems having been deleted by CubeCart v. 6.2.5.

It is obvious that the option attibutes are stored in table "_option_value".

I have an option group named "Keys" to which individual keys "A", "B", "C", ..., "Z", ... were attached as option attributes.
From these attributes, I have option sets (=subsets of option attributes) that define the keys present in miscellaneous keyboard layouts.
For instance, a "QWERTY UK" and a "QWERTZ DE" option sets.

I tried appending new option attributes (e.g. the keys "Γ", "Ψ", "Λ", "Π", ...) so that I could create new keyboard layouts like the Greek one as new option sets.

I first did this through CubeCart's admin and this was kind of a nightmare* because the appended attributes got the first priority levels. However, the appended option attributes were stored durably.
(*more details here: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/55093-option-attributes-badly-sorted-after-adding-more-options/)

To avoid the wrong priority issue, I then chose inserting the new attributes directly into the "_option_value" table by using phpMyAdmin.
I made sure that every new record had a unique (autoincremented) "value_id" and a unique "priority" level.
This was the case and I can confirm that the "_option_value" table was perfect.

Then I went into CubeCart admin.
The listed option attributes were still only those that were inserted with CubeCart.

So, I tried clearing all caches in "Administration maintenance", also cleared the browser cache and restarted the brower.

The option attributes that had been inserted manually with phpMyAdmin are away. I mean deleted and no longer present in the database table.
I have not done any further edition in CubeCart, appart maybe from deleting some incomplete "Greek keys" option set as I still had more records (Keys) to insert into the database.

I is like if CubeCart used some cached version of the database table that overwrote existing database table.

I already had observed this deletion of records, but the first time I couldn't believe it.

Any explanation?

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