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definitions.xml : please sort strings by their name attribute, alphabetically


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Hi there,

I'm currently updating a translation, by comparing which new strings were added in definitions.xml as compared to the existing translation.

I observed that in definitions.xml, for each group, almost all strings for a major version are sorted alphabetically according to their "name" attribute.
Unfortunately, a few recent strings Most strings for new major version 6 were put in definitions.xml at the beginning of the groups.

Please sort strings alphabetically according to their name attribute, as this makes easier updating the translations.

Should one put strings for new major versions  (e.g. 6.x.x) above those of previous major versions ?
This is what is prevailing in definitions.xml.

Al Brookbanks, in order to make the work of translators easier on the long run, can you please provide guidance:
Should strings in definitions.xml and translations be sorted alphabetically by their "name" attribute (regardless of major version), or should they be sorted alphabetically by major version and then alphabetically?

It would be good agreeing on a standard.



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