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some shipping options not showing up at checkout

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during checkout. customer during checkout dosen't have the option for printing the order and mailing a check and i am using usps shiping module but out of my choices only priority shipping appears with none of the other options. using 6,2,5

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Printing an order for later payment by check is from the Print Order Form module:

If this is installed, make sure the Print_Order_Form folder is in the /modules/gateway/ folder, and that it is enabled in admin, Manage Extensions.

USPS is a shipping module, and POF is a gateway (payment) module.

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I don't have a possible answer for the POF not showing as a choice of method of payment. However, every module can be restricted by zones (country). One can say "only these following zones can use this module," or one can say "this module cannot be used in any of these following zones." Are there any zones entered on the POF module?

The USPS module uses CubeCart's Request functions to query the USPS for a rate request. This request and the response gets logged in admin, Request Log.

The response will either show all the services (they call them 'products') that can accommodate the distance and weight of the package, or indicate that there is an error in the request made.

The delivery services eligible, as stated by the USPS, are matched against whatever services you have enabled in CubeCart's USPS shipping module control panel.

If there are no corresponding services - what USPS says they can do vs what you choose to use - then CubeCart does not show that service as an option.

Therefore, of all the shipping service choices you are willing to do, of those, among whatever USPS says they can do, it seems only Priority is what both of you agree on.

But the Request log may provide some good info.

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I am having the same problem with USPS.  I ship from 1/2 oz. (First Class Mail) items to items weighing 50 lbs that fit in a 24" x 24" x 24" box.   I cannot use the USPS Shipping Configuration.  It is too large for the small item where the shipping cost 50x more then the item or the large item is getting rated at the small item configuration.  My site shipping configuration is set for the small item (Regular/Variable  3"x5"x2") currently.  If I select a large item for the cart  the only shipping costs come up  Priority Mail Flat rate1 day  for $14.35 to $133.15 for Priority Mail 1 Day Express..  It is not a 1 day Medium Flat Rate Box.  The $133 would be appropriate charge but my customer would not select that charge I am sure.   Most of my boxes ship USPS but with 5-7 day shipping and not 1 day express.  Or they ship 2-3 day Priority shipping. The product pages currently have the correct box size and weight for the small item and the large item. I think what needs to happen is the USPS shipping configuration needs to be on the product page or it may need to have the product page override the USPS Shipping Configuration page with a check box.  It is overriding part of it but not all of it; i.e., the lower costs should not be showing.  I tried changing the USPS Shipping Configuration to (Regular/Variable with no size listed) but it still shows the lower prices.  Parcel Post is checked but that is not showing as an option.

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more informaiton
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