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Admin is suddenly blank after logging in

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I was working on CubeCart 6.2.5 front end and suddenly the admin is no longer available.
The login splash screen is present when accessed trough the admin_(...).php screen and the login seems working, but I arrive to a blank page.

One strange thing is that rying to access the admin folder directly by entering its address in the browser leads to a Not found error : The requested URL /admin_rAnDoM/ was not found on this server.
I'm sure about the folder path (as copy pasted and double checked).

At some time I did a mistake uploading main.php in the admin's skin default templates instead of the front end templates.
However, afterwards, I uploaded the correct file again.

Thanks for your help.


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In the /admin_aBcXyZ/ folder, there is, in fact, an index.php file, which the web browser, by default, will actually find and execute. However, the sole purpose of this particular index.php file is to inform the visitor that this is very much not the way to access the admin section, and the way the visitor is informed of this invalid page request is to command the web server to send back to the browser a 404 Not Found response code.

Please follow these instructions to create the error_log file.

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Thank you for the very useful explanations.

I followed your instructions : created ini-custom.inc.php with the content you suggest saved it in CubeCart's main folder and tried again accessing the admin.

But there is no error_log that comes in CubeCart's main folder.

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The problem was coming from the cache, which probably had something corrupted.

Reuploading admin and skins folders had no effect.
So, I renamed the "cache" folder and created a new "cache" folder.
It solved the problem.

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There are a few types of things in the /cache/ folder, but when CubeCart's cache functions reads those files, there is no CubeCart supplied error messages - but nothing that would prevent PHP from logging a complaint in the error_log file.

There is a sub-folder /skin/ which is used by the template rendering engine (Smarty) to cache compiled skin templates. I have found that it is difficult to get Smarty to pass errors to PHP so that they can get logged to the error_log. However, I have not had any instance where Smarty or any of its compiled templates "just all of a sudden for no apparent reason was working fine before" failed.

But, glad you got it sorted.

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