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Setting up CubeCart shop so that it's ready for sales .., inc. migrating eBay ads & giving promo rules

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Please may l ask if CubeCart offers the following features, and how they can be implemented:
- Give option of Guest purchases, i.e. purchases without a signup
- Give option to reject all cookies, and still function as usual i.e. still allow customer to buy things
- Add promotional rules to the cart (e.g. 5% discount if you purchase more than 1 item in one go, 10% discount if you purchase more than 5 items)
- Add a promotional postage rule (e.g. buy 5 items together, postage to within the United Kingdom is free)
- Add other postage rules e.g. postage to Scottish Islands requires an extra £1 surcharge

- Also, please can you recommend an eBay listing import tool? I already have an eBay shop, and am aware that there is at least one tool for CubeCart that l can purchase as an add-on, but does it actually work? Can it completely copy your eBay shop, categories and all, to your new CubeCart shop? Can it sync your CubeCart shop to any changes in the eBay shop e.g. on your eBay shop: you manually delete an item or somebody purchase an item. I need this change to be instantly reflected in my CubeCart shop.
- Can l even transfer my eBay auction items to my CubeCart shop? I mean, does CubeCart support auctions? If so, when somebody bids via my eBay shop, can l automatically close down the parallel auction on my CubeCart shop, provided nobody has already bid on the same item on the CubeCart shop?
- Finally, is there a way to access the entire CubeCart shop as one file, so that l can search and delete the copious front- and end-matter of my eBay adverts when they are copied across to the CubeCart shop? The front- and end-matter references the same thing for each advert, and l would rather have it just stated once in my CubeCart shop's T&Cs area. Besides, some of the material references eBay-specific matters, so l really need to strip that away when the eBay ads are migrated to CubeCart.

Please help in any way you can :)


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Welcome cubicsquare! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

CubeCart calls them Ghost customers (internally).

A cookie is essential. Non-essential cookies can be un-implemented.

Various discount rules can be implemented with plugins from the Marketplace.

Postage rules can be created and joined in a list of other shipping options available to the customer.

CubeCart does not do auctions. (That is, I am not aware of any plugin that would set this up.)

Grabbing content from an external source could be done through a plugin (I do not know how that eBay plugin works). That plugin, if 100% human-readable, could be modified to strip out what is not wanted.

CubeCart is programmed to expect specifically named template files, of which there are a few dozen.

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