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Basket & mini-basket not automatically updating changes


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If anyone has any ideas where to point me at what handles these or ideas would be appreciated.  Kind of hit a wall on this one.  This bug has been a problem for us since 6.1 but does appear to be getting worse.

Synopsis:  Basket and minibasket do not update automatically but do so when the update button is selected. 

Examples: If customer while in basket deletes a product it remains in basket until you hit update.  Similarly if new products are added then they do not show up in basket until update is hit.  Another symptom is if the cart is emptied when returning to the landing page the minibasket still reflects the items being in there.  This is fixed by hitting F5.

Theory:  Its a cookie/cache issue.  Obviously the changes are hitting the database but something is not functioning properly on either the automatic refresh after an action that has it or the cookie is being super persistent and not updating or deleting.  Clearing the cache on customer side does not fix it though.

Other Details:  Caching is currently disabled.


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weird. seems to have worked OK for me. it's a bit slow, you've got a bad reference to a CSS file, and also an image file. I'm testing in Chrome. FireFox also working correctly.

Check your cookie domain is set correctly in store settings, review the error log and check if you have anything being reported. 

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Thanks for taking a look and yeah  I am glad you said it was weird because it makes me feel a bit less nuts.


Cookie domain is:              .shoprainbowartglass.com

That should be correct yes?


Ill take a look at those other issues you found. Thanks

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