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Adding Options

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To review:

In admin, Product Options, Option Groups tab, you have added a new Option Group successfully. (It's name might be Editions.)

Now on the Option Attributes tab, you have added several new attributes. (Their names might be Theatrical Release, Director's Cut, Limited Edition, Foreign Edition, etc.)

Now, when editing a product, Options tab, from the Add New Option drop-down, you are selecting Editions: Limited Edition. And have also filled in the rest of the form elements on the line, and then clicked on the white plus in green circle icon? (Adds the line to the list.) Then clicked Save?

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In admin, edit a product that has options. On the Options tab, decide which of the options should be members of an Options Matrix (check the box). For example, Color:White, Color:Black, and Size:Small. Click the Save & Reload button.

Back on the Options tab, there will now be an Options Matrix table with two rows: White:Small and Black:Small. Each row can have distinct identifiers and stock levels.

Note: If you did not choose a Size option, the Options Matrix table will still have the two rows with Color options listed.

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